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Cabalen Eat All You Can : Richness of Cabalen

It was just two days ago when I arrived in the Queen City of the South. Yes, in the lively city of Cebu. So why am I here you ask? Let’s just say I’m spontaneous and I love to travel. I was at SM City Cebu yesterday with a Cebuano friend who asked me if I had ever eaten at ... Read More »

Wensha Spa Timog : No Other Spa But Wensha

For all the spa lovers and those who like to refresh themselves after long days of work, Wensha Spa is definitely not a stranger. With their main branch located at Timog Avenue in Quezon City, this spa is actually one of my favorite go-to when I’m in some physical or mental meltdown. Going to the spa is actually not a ... Read More »

Kamay Kainan Eat All You Can – Just right for my taste

When it comes to pleasing the stomach, there really isn’t a limit. As long as you enjoy and delight in what you eat, spending money would always make it worthwhile. This is definitely true although I’d also say that good food really shouldn’t always be expensive. I like hanging out in Taguig when my weekends are free. It’s the perfect ... Read More »

Fernandina Tagaytay Villa : Not as Expected

What I’m about to write is not my experience but a story that two good friends of mine experienced. They wanted me to write this so that it may help other people. Read on and find out how it might help you. These friends of mine were a couple. Every now and then, they took the time to book their ... Read More »

Bites of Goodness : Good Sheperd Bahay Pastulan Tagaytay

Everybody’s got a sweet tooth. I, on moderate doses, indulge in what I call ‘mouth goodies’. I call them this because once you put them in your mouth, you just can’t seem to get a hold of your appetite. Yep, I’m talking about donuts, chocolates, cupcakes, ube macapuno, palitaw – I’m pretty sure you know the list. I was on ... Read More »

Fernbrook Gardens : My Ideal Wedding Venue

A few months back, I was invited to a wedding at Fernbrook Gardens at Las Pinas City. I’m pretty sure you all know what it’s like to have a wedding or even organize a wedding. Everything just has to be perfect – from the folds of the napkin to the arrangements of bouquets, even the place where you choose to ... Read More »