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Amanpulo Resort: Peace and Serenity within Your Reach

amanpulo 3The Amanpulo Resort (AR) located in Palawan is just one among a collection of award-winning Aman Resorts that are found in over 15 countries. In Sanskrit, the word “Aman” means “peace” which is what they want to achieve in their vision and mission. It is important to note that they are a consistent “Awards for Excellence” recipient since 2007 from Gallivanter’s Guide. In 2013 and 2012, the Gallivanter’s Guide also awarded Amanpulo resort with the Best Leisure Resort Worldwide and the Editor’s Choice Awards in 2013. With several awards in their belt, I think that that is more than enough to catch the attention of any tourist, local and foreign, to visit this luxury resort.

Amanpulo Resort is located in Pamalican Island, Palawan, Philippines. They occupy the entire island of Pamalican. To reach this island, you will have to ride a chartered plane that is provided by the resort itself. Amanpulo means “peaceful island” because “pulo” is a Tagalog term which means “island” in English and “aman” is a Sanskrit term for “peace”, when you combine it, the term Amanpulo is created. This luxury resort is said to have been the model of all other luxury hotels in Asia.

amanpulo resort

Many international celebrities have visited AR in the past like Tom Cruise, Mariah Carey and Robert DeNiro. From Manila, guests are picked up in a van, complete with cold water and towel for refreshments, and were taken to their private airport terminal. The private airplane took about an hour from Manila to Pamalican Island. And because this is a “super exclusive” resort, the services are also super exclusive and the rates will also have to be within the same level of exclusiveness. Their room accommodations range from Treetop Casita to a 4-bedroom Villa. Their rates could change without prior notice and also depend on whether it’s an off-peak or peak season. The price range for their accommodations is $950 – $6500. They have complete amenities, from sports centers to spas, anything you can think, they have it. That is why it occupies the entire island of Pamalican.

On a final note, Amanpulo Resort is really an exclusive resort with really exclusive rates also. If you are planning to visit this exclusive resort, I advice that you plan ahead of time must have lots of pocket money to be able to enjoy all of their amenities. The experience though is worth it.

Google Map of Amanpulo Resort, Pamalican Palawan