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Coron Palawan

If you’re tired of the repetitiveness of city life and the urban jungle that is Metro Manila, then going back to the basics and back to nature would be the ideal vacation for you. What better way to spend a vacation then relaxing and being surrounded by nature, listening to its sounds as you sleep and inhaling a breath of ... Read More »

Sambo Kojin Japanese Food Eat All You Can!

As far as buffets go, variety and choices are always important. But what is variation when you stick to one cuisine because that’s your favorite? This is often the case for me. Whenever I see Japanese food, I come running and if all the tempura has mysteriously disappeared, that means it’s in my belly. The Sambo Kojin Eat All You ... Read More »

Budget Adventure at Anawangin Cove

The Philippines is most well-known for its beautiful beaches, various beaches in the entire country draw in tourists leaving them in awe of the sheer unexpected beauty of it all. There are so many beaches in the Philippines in fact that the choice is so hard to make, but if from Metro Manila, there is a certain beach that is ... Read More »

Buffet 101 Eat All You Can @ Mall of Asia :)

While visiting Metro Manila and for whatever reason, one place we always go to is the Mall of Asia. Simply enough, because it’s the biggest and everything you would see in any other mall would be there. And it’s fun to get lost in a mall. One time, we chose to eat at Buffet 101 Eat All You Can. This ... Read More »

It’s more fun in Fun Ranch Pasig

 Being a parent is hard work. Especially when your kid is in his terrible 2’s which just seems to stem on to terrible 3’s 4’s 5’s and forever. My son is three years old and constantly acts like I feed him a sack of sugar at all his meals. As a parent, I know that if I need a break, ... Read More »

Ling Nam Restaurant – awesome dining!

Being half Chinese, my family and I can often get just a tiny bit critical and comparative when it comes to Chinese food. We’ve eaten at so many Chinese places before and often times the places that seem the most authentic are the priciest too. The only place so far that has on ok authenticity versus price range rate is ... Read More »

Ark Avilon Zoo Pasig – Surprisingly Amazing!

If you’re in Metro Manila and are looking for something to do other than mixing with all the suburban locals, then why not try a trip to the Ark Avilon Zoo? Surprisingly, this is a full on, real zoo 7.5 hectare large and located right in the middle of the Metropolitan, in Pasig. You wouldn’t think Manila could have anything ... Read More »

Exotic Foods at Everybody’s Café Pampanga

I’m always willing to try anything at least once. Sometimes I end up liking them and they immediately go in to my memory’s food list or sometimes the one time I try it becomes the only time. But even if I end up not liking something, it still has bragging rights. I can say I tried this and other people ... Read More »

Eat Like a Viking in Vikings Eat All You Can

If you are looking for a serious place to go for a buffet which will be engraved in your mind for the rest of your life, then this resto is the place to go. Vikings Eat All You Can will surely test your appetite but will not burn your pocket. The first thing about this resto that I really liked ... Read More »

My Jony’s Beach Resort Weekend Adventure

I must admit that one of my favorite places is Boracay. And oftentimes, when I go to beach resorts, I cannot help but to compare it to Boracay. And after almost a year, I have the opportunity to come back to Boracay, but this time, I and my family went to try Jony’s Beach Resort. Jony’s Beach Resort is located ... Read More »