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Bites of Goodness : Good Sheperd Bahay Pastulan Tagaytay

Bahay Pastulan Tagaytay Everybody’s got a sweet tooth. I, on moderate doses, indulge in what I call ‘mouth goodies’. I call them this because once you put them in your mouth, you just can’t seem to get a hold of your appetite. Yep, I’m talking about donuts, chocolates, cupcakes, ube macapuno, palitaw – I’m pretty sure you know the list.

I was on a trip to Tagaytay over the weekend. We took the Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Highway when my aunt, remembering about some place with yummy ‘kakanins’ and some Filipino favorites, decided to stop over the Bahay Pastulan. Bahay Pastulan sells Good Shepherd goodies and food and had just recently moved to the Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Highway location. She said that they had some good tasting food which we had to try and so try we did.

When we entered the place I noticed that there were already a few people dishing out for what to buy. Most of them came in families who maybe were also bound for Tagaytay. Then my brother and I decided to check what Bahay Pastulan was offering to their eager customers.

Bahay Pastulan Good Sheperd Tagaytay

Ube Jam Bahay Pastulan / Price: Php130

It was when I was looking through the delicacies that an employee told me that their ube jam was their best seller. The ube jam could be bought for P130. This sweet stuff is priced rather fairly and can be enjoyed in two ways, either as a spread or as a stand-alone dessert you can scoop with your spoon! I did buy one just to feed my curiosity and I’d say it pretty much tastes like the ube jam you can buy in Baguio.

My aunt is a lover of anything that is coconut. Literally. She bought a coconut pie for P140 and I have to say it actually tasted better than Colette’s Buko Pie. I’m sorry Colette, but I got a new found love for another brand of buko pie. It did not surpass my mom’s yummy buko pie but the crust was not too thick, it was fresh and it was totally delicious.

Well, to be honest, if you really love ‘kakanins’ and other well-known Filipino snacks, you’d delight in all that Bahay Pastulan offers. They had hot servings of arroz caldo for P25 pesos and P50 pesos for a fresh lumpiang ubod. They also had strawberry jam, chocolate crinkles, ube dimples, tamarind candy, ubepuno. You just have to check it out! I assure you, they have budget-friendly prices and they could be good ‘pasalubongs’.

We didn’t take too long around the place but I got to know that a portion of their profit is given as aids for the poor. So when you buy their mouth goodies, you don’t just bit goodness, you also bite for goodness.

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  • Jason

    I love their Ube. I kept coming back because of it. đŸ™‚