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Budget Adventure at Anawangin Cove

anawangin cove

anawangin cove

The Philippines is most well-known for its beautiful beaches, various beaches in the entire country draw in tourists leaving them in awe of the sheer unexpected beauty of it all. There are so many beaches in the Philippines in fact that the choice is so hard to make, but if from Metro Manila, there is a certain beach that is only one ride away and promises the adventure of a lifetime.

Anawangin Cove is in Pundaquit, Zambales and is the perfect beach for people from Manila who do not want to travel too far or who are on a budget. This beach is for adventure seekers and not for people who can’t survive without their morning or nightly regimen, pillows, and other things that fussy people think they need. If you choose to go to Anawangin Cove, be prepared to rough it out as the entire island does not have any electricity, though there is a caretaker there that has a generator and cooks food for people who request it; mostly seafood though, of course.

Though it is not recommended that you set up camp right at the beach because it gets really windy at night, there is a campsite where tourists and visitors can stay. A short hike up a hill and across the lake and you are there. The camp site even has picnic tables set up, very nature like and appropriately made of bamboo and wood.

 anawangin cove

Anawangin cove offers a different assortment of activities, as if getting to swim in the beach and make sand castles isn’t enough. There are small local tour boats that can give you a tour of the cove and places nearby. You can also go scuba diving and see the rich sea life untouched by modern day goings; they have instructors there that teach you the right and safe way to do it. Scuba diving is something I have never been brave enough to do; I just can’t get over the part where you make yourself fall off a boat backwards. Another thing I have tried, however, which is also an available activity at Anawangin cove, is skim boarding. Also will locals there willing to teach, for a small price of course. Away from the beach, Anawangin cove offers the chance at a really good and challenging trek, for those mountain climbing enthusiasts.

In comparison to the Philippines most famous beach, boracay, Anawangin cove is definitely more in tuned with nature still. Anawangin cove is a campers dream and should definitely be visited if a thirst for adventure is what you’re after.