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Buffet 101 Eat All You Can @ Mall of Asia :)

buffet101 mall of asia

While visiting Metro Manila and for whatever reason, one place we always go to is the Mall of Asia. Simply enough, because it’s the biggest and everything you would see in any other mall would be there. And it’s fun to get lost in a mall. One time, we chose to eat at Buffet 101 Eat All You Can. This restaurant is located at Building K, SM by the Bay, Sunset Boulevard, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay.

I was with my family when we went, you walk in and the first thing you’ll notice, like I noticed, is the row of crystal chandeliers hanging just right over the buffet. Huge rows upon rows of food all different kinds. The international cuisine choices at Buffet 101 were quite impressive with an assortment from Filipino (of course), Italian, Japanese, American, and the list just goes on. It left me confused about what to get, but a good kind of confused. The kind where I want to eat everything but just don’t know where to start and how to make it all fit. Of course I started with the appetizers with a selection from meat skewers, salami, sushi, sashimi, pizza and everything in between. The skewers were really tasty and not dry even if they had been displayed there, the salami was perfect and the sushi was made well too. I hate the kind of sushi that you dip in sauce then all the rice just dissipates. But no, Buffet 101 obviously has a good sushi chef.

buffet101 spicy shrimps

When it came time for the main course, I opted for steak, because why would you choose anything else of there is STEAK! They cut it into thin pieces and cooked it there. I always have my steak cooked medium rare and I’ve been to a lot of buffets and restaurants, for some reason, a  lot of people don’t know what medium rare means. But the Buffet 101 grill chef did my steak perfectly; still tender but not dripping with blood, just the way I like it. And smothered in pepper sauce which was kept nice and hot; nothing worse than cold pepper sauce. My sister is eleven and the pickiest eater you will ever meet in the history of your existence, but even she found a few things she liked at buffet 101, her plate had pizza (plain cheese of course), bacon, and froot loops, or at least it looked like froot loops. Just goes to show that in a buffet with this much variation, everybody will be happy. Also, unlike other buffets which are cheap but kill you with the drinks price, buffet 101 also has a drinks buffet with juices and soda.

buffet101 desserts

It was a bit pricy though, with prices ranging from 699Php for lunch, and 799Php on weekends. And 950Php for dinner, which then turns to 1050Php on weekends. And no you cannot pay the lunch fee and sit there until dinner time, they make everyone leave at 2pm. For kids below 4.5 feet,  they charge 499Php and free for below 3 feet. This height thing that a lot of buffets do always leaves me wondering ‘what if a midget walks in?’ but I’ve never had the gall to ask. The also charge 1350 Php for leftovers (yikes) but with the delicious food they have, I guess there won’t be any.