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Primero Casa Filipino Buffet Restaurant : Pefectly Filipino

primero casa filipinoPrimero Casa Filipino. You’re asking me what comes to my mind when I hear this? Well, I’d not lie about it. I’d say the Laudico’s but would not end with that answer. I’d follow it up with delicious classic Filipino food with a slight twist of creative cooking. Then you’d ask ‘why?’. This article, my friend, is the answer to that question.

I just can’t stress out enough how Filipinos like food but moreso when the food’s good. One of those places where you can eat to your heart’s content would be in Primero Casa Filipino. Yes, it’s the brainchild of a celebrity chef couple but it’s also a resto with a good selection of Filipino and foreign dishes. Proof of this lies in how you have to make reservations just to get a table. I mean, this place is always jampacked. Take note of the word – always.

Primero Casa Filipino is situated at Scout Torillo, Quezon City, Metro Manila. The restaurant is beautiful outside and inside. It has this classy exterior, much like those in the time of the Spanish colonization. I went there for dinner with my family. We had made our reservations beforehand. The inside was clean and reflected the type of work the owner puts together.

There was a wide array of food – from appetizers to desserts. The foods were well presented well and looked rather ravishing. For our appetizers, my family and I sampled on their sisig shooter, mustasa wrap, baked aubergine and their stuffed pandesal. My mom is a really good cook and when I saw her bob her head in appreciation I knew the appetizers tasted good.

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I am not usually a fan of eating heavy meat but I’d say I loved the crispiness of the zubuchon and the tenderness of the roasted Angus beef. My family quite enjoyed it too. I am a sucker for seafood and I say I’d give their Clam Al Afillo a 4 out of 5. There were other dishes we also liked. There was the chicken fricassee, pork stew and seafood kare-kare.

The Filipino dining wouldn’t be complete without the dessert. Sure enough, their desserts were yummy. I personally loved their mini mango crepe. My mom liked their suman panna cotta and my sisters liked their tiramisu. Their array of desserts was quite a delight, actually.

Rates for their lunch and dinner buffet are : P398 for adults from Monday to Thursday and P498 from Friday to Sunday. For kids, their rates are P199 and P249.

The price might be a little pricy but it’ll give you it’s worth. Surely, no one can delight in food prepared by the hands of Filipinos and perfectly Filipino in taste.

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