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Celina’s Cafe and Restaurant Tagaytay – Eat to your heart’s content

Celina's Cafe TagaytayEat-all-you-can businesses have been blooming in the country since the time we decided to eat, eat and eat. Eating big comes as no surprise to many of us. Why? The answer is fairly simple. It is because as humans, we take in all that is so heavenly about food.

My friend, who also happens to be a foodie asked me to accompany her to Tagaytay for one reason alone. She said she wanted to go to a place called Celina’s Café and Restaurant. In my head I was thinking that there were so many restaurants we could go to in Manila but she was so charmingly persistent that I go with her and so I did. So we travelled for almost two hours and got there in time for the start of the lunch buffet. Surprisingly, the lunch buffet only cost P325/head (P299 using metrodeal coupon).

Looking through the line of food, I started to get giddy and somehow greedy. I was already fishing out for what I wanted to have on my plate. When we got to the line, I ended up taking more scoops of almost every delicacy. My friend laughed at me and gave me that ‘I thought you didn’t want to come with me’ look. I waved it off and brought my plates to our table. I ended up getting steamed crabs, grilled pork barbeque, kare-kare, fish fingers, garlic fried chicken, mussels and of course something all of us Asians can’t really dine without, rice! Another food that I loved with Celina’s eat all you can offer is their bulalo and papaitang baka. I licked the platters clean but hey, no judging.

Celinas Restaurant TagaytayBecause the main course wasn’t enough, I had to dig in for some slices of leche flan and a small bowl of fruit salad. I am getting hungry just by writing this and I’m sure you are too. Oh, I totally forgot to mention. The other table beside ours ordered some lobsters and so I had to pry on the prices. The attendant said you could order lobsters for an additional price of P475-P850 depending on the weight of the lobster. The prices are not bad and this must surely come off as a good deal for all lobster lovers.

There was totally no denying that the restaurant offered much more than good food. They had a great view of the Taal Lake and Volcano which made our trip quite complete and refreshing. By the way, the resto is located at 5915 Aguinaldo Highway, Barangay Kaybagal, Tagaytay City should you wish to also delight in their food festivity. The resto is open from 10 am – 10 pm. If you don’t have a car, you can always take the bus from Cubao going to Tagaytay.

 Rates as of January 2014:  P325 All You Can Eat

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  • Pinky

    Good for you. Sorry but i beg to disagree coz i have diff experience. I bought a voucher for 299 on which they claimed that the original price is 600. We came all d way from Bulacan to celebrate our wedding aniv.. As we arrived I notice immediately their buffet price which is written on their signage and its clearly stated that its for 299 which is exactly the same price that i paid for the voucher! It only means that its the orig price and it is not discounted! We disregard it and proceed in the buffet area. In terms of numbers of entree i must say theres couple of choices about 12 of them, sad to say not even one stands out. Asian and International food? Yeah they have siomai..Desserts? i can eat some bananas but the rest taste awful. Service? Waiters were polite but they talk to each other as if theres no customers around. Ambiance? I must admit the view is awesome. The chandeliers makes the place looks expensive however as we eat, a lot of insects and housefly joins our meal and its quite irritating. Overall, i was dissapointed and will not recommend friends to try this place.

  • Xiohara

    Hi! May I ask if you made a reservation before you went there using metrodeal coupon? thanks!