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Club Balai Isabel – Recreate yourself

Club balai Isabael A lot of us have definitely worked hard for the year. At the end of it all, we just want to relax and pamper ourselves with nature’s delight. This year, I decided to head south and bask in all that Club Balai Isabel had to offer.

Club Balai Isabel is located at Barangay Banga, Talisay, Batangas. The place is awesomely breathtaking and gives an ‘up-close and personal’ view of the Taal Lake and Taal Volcano.  Well, the air in the lake can smell slightly funky but I guess it’s all part of the whole nature experience. Plus, I was assured of less pollution so breathing in the tangy air was all good.

What I liked most about the resort besides having a great view was that I had the chance to indulge in different activities. Usually when I head out to some place, I always try to participate and enjoy things that I don’t usually get to do in the city. Going to this resort was not an exception.

At Club Balai Isabel, I kayaked for P150/hour. I used the one-seater kayak. The two-seater kayak cost more. I also went banana boating which cost P250/head. I loved how exciting it was to banana boat only because it was not a beach but a lake. I went horseback riding and then went on a Taal trek. Costs for these activities were P450/head and P2,500 for 6 people respectively. I went on the trek at around 2 pm which was not really a good idea because the sun was beating down. The good stuff was the sun made the lake looked like it was shimmering which made it a really nice view to look at when trekking. Nevertheless, I did enjoy doing these activities. There were other recreational things you could enjoy like pedal boating, jet skiing and fishing. Rates for these are P500/hour, P2000 for 30 minutes and P50/hour. The resort has two pools so if you feel like taking a swim you can always just dive in the pool. There’s a spa too.

Club balai Isabael2Activities are not the only things we look into when we travel or stay in a resort. How nice and cozy the accommodations are is pretty much a factor to be considered too. Hotel and condotel rooms ranged from P5,500 to P12,000. The rates for the villas and cottages ranged from P6,000 to P18,000. Yes, I know the rooms are quite pricy but I assure you, the rooms had good facilities and they are clean and warm.

The resort is not very hard to reach. If you want directions, you may contact them through their website.

The resort has many activities to enjoy, spa packages to delight in and a great view to ponder on. I’m sure you’ll find the relaxation and recreation your spirit needs.

Google Map of Club Balai Isabel Batangas