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Dakak Beach Resort: Fun in the Sand

dakak beach resortSummer is fast approaching again, but even if it’s not summer you can always visit this beach paradise that is well equipped with all the facilities and amenities of a 5 star resort. Dakak Beach Resort is located at the southern part of the Philippines, in the heart of Zamboanga del Norte, in Taguilon, Dapitan City. You can go there either via sea, land or air. But the fastest way is an 80-minute plane ride from Manila to Dipolog City which is just 14 kilometers to Dapitan City. But if you’re from Cebu, the flight is just 45 minutes to reach Dipolog City, and from there you can ride a private bus that can be arranged by Dakak Beach Resort management for 45 minutes.

And because they are the first 5-star beach resort in Mindanao, and also have an “AAA” accreditation from the Department of Tourism, you can expect world class service and amenities with competent rates. When I went there with my family, I was kind of worried about the safety of the place because it’s located in the Zamboanga Peninsula where some violence between rebel groups and the government troops erupted. But all of my worries disappeared when I see the powder like beach sand and the magnificent natural landscapes of the place. It’s like what the ads say about it. You will truly fall in love with it.

Their rates are awesome too; you can enjoy their breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet for just $15-$20. Their rooms are relatively cozy and spacious for their rates which are around $120-$500. You can also enjoy their many outdoor and indoor activities. You can rent a boat for just 1,950 – 4,950 pesos; just arrange it at least 2 hours before at their front desk. If you don’t like frolicking at the beach, you can try their indoor activities like bowling and billiards. Just pay 40 pesos and you can enjoy playing bowling and billiards for 1 hour. They also offer other activities like scuba diving, tennis, golf and other tour which you can find also in their website.

dakak diving

I personally love their Night Dive accompanied by their Certified Advance Divers of course. You get to see the active marine life on a whole different way. It’s nothing I’ve ever seen before. I didn’t expect that the ocean is teeming with life even at night. I will definitely come back to this place soon.

Google Map of Dakak Beach Resort Barangay Taguilon, Dapitan City