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Exotic Foods at Everybody’s Café Pampanga

everybodys cafeI’m always willing to try anything at least once. Sometimes I end up liking them and they immediately go in to my memory’s food list or sometimes the one time I try it becomes the only time. But even if I end up not liking something, it still has bragging rights. I can say I tried this and other people have not.

I have been to Pampanga a few times to just for the environment, it’s a metropolitan none the less just like every city in the Philippines is slowly becoming, but it’s no Manila. And sometimes some peace is good! I went with my friends and we decided to dine at Everybody’s Café for lunch. Everybody’s Café serves authentic Pampanga cuisine and is known to everybody there. It is often a place the locals take their visitors if they aren’t dining there themselves. Everybody’s Café is located at MacArthur Highway, Dau, San Fernando.

Everybody’s Café is just the right size, not too big or too small. We went in and were greeted with Kapampangan hospitality. The aura of the restaurant was of my taste as well. I like the rustic look of old wood and a sort of ‘lola’s house’ feel. It’s just cozier that way and you become more comfortable during the meal because you feel like you’re at home, right?

batute stuffed frog

batute stuffed frog

We were overwhelmed by a barrage of kapampangan specialties from the glass case they use to display the food in. We ordered our ‘safe food’ Sisig and then went on to ask the waiter what their best sellers were, he then responded by telling us that it was Batute Stuffed Frogs and Carabao strips. Like I said, I will try anything once, and I have had neither of these. We ordered both. Our food was then taken from the case and taken to the back of the restaurant to get re-heated.

The food re-emerged quickly as compared to restaurants was food is cooked as you order. Ideal for people with pack a lot of activities day. Before eating our fill of our regular orders, we first tried the best sellers that we ordered. The stuffed frogs looked like fat chicken drumsticks with two ends sticking out. We each had a little bit. It was better than I expected, mostly I could taste a lot of the pork that was stuffed inside but maybe they did that on purpose. The Carabao was surprisingly soft. I was almost sure it would be really tough because, well, it’s Carabao! But it wasn’t, it had a sort of sweet and sour sauce and tasted like beef. If I ever get to go to Pampanga with my family, this is where I’d take them!