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Fernbrook Gardens : My Ideal Wedding Venue

Fernbrook GardensA few months back, I was invited to a wedding at Fernbrook Gardens at Las Pinas City. I’m pretty sure you all know what it’s like to have a wedding or even organize a wedding. Everything just has to be perfect – from the folds of the napkin to the arrangements of bouquets, even the place where you choose to host your wedding celebration.

It was perfect. This is what I would say about the wedding. I didn’t mind the whole culinary debacle of forks and spoons nor the folds of the dining linens because I was already breathtakingly in awe of the surroundings. Sure enough, there was no garden in the city that looked daringly beautiful as that one.

The festivity took place at the Byzantine 1. Glass walls paved ways to see a fantastic view of the outdoor fair. There was also a small outdoor garden filled with koi, mallards and white swans all complementing the scene as if it came out from some fairytale romance. I am not the type to daydream of illusions but at that moment it was as if my mind had been caged too much in reality that somehow it drifted away and just started admiring how lovely the venue was and how charming the celebration had been.

Fernbrook Gardens Las PinasBut it was also at that moment that I discovered there was something wonderful amidst reality. That there was some place you could be in and just delight in the feeling of wonder. There were great food and great people in a great place. The fun part was knowing that there were so many other garden venues in the vicinity. There was the Byzantine 2, the Classical Dome, the Classical Ballroom, the Colonial Meeting Room, the Gazebo, the Mini Basilica, the Victorian 1 and the Victorian 2. If I had been in awe of how spectacular one venue had been, how much more if I had the opportunity to visit the others?

If the venues ring a bell in your ear, you’d know that this article has been talking about the grandeur of Fernbrook Gardens, one of the best places to host your functions. It’s located 25 minutes away from the Magallanes Skyway before Petron station near the Portofino subdivision. For all their packages and event pricing, you contact them through their contact numbers or inquire through their website at www.fernbrookgardens.com. You may also get directions from this website.

I’m happy that the bride and groom chose a nice place to remember by the start of their life together. For all of you out there wanting to discover wonders on your debuts, weddings or any special event, Fernbrook Gardens is the place you can truly delight in for all the wonders.

For latest rates/pricing, you may contact them at +63 917 860 6478

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