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Fun in Splash Island

splash island logo Splash Island located in Southwoods Ecocentrum in Binan, Laguna is without a doubt one of the best water resorts in the Philippines. It’s filled with fun-filled aqua thrills that will surely bring out the fun in you!

If you like water adventures, you would most especially like what Splash Island has to offer. Why? Well, definitely because the whole place exudes fun and not even an adult with a hectic life can ignore this truth. I know the last time I was there has been a few weeks ago but I totally forgot to write and share about my experience, hence, this article.

We got to Splash Island a few minutes past 1 pm. The sun was beating down but the heat just complemented our excitement. The place huge! In fact, an attendant told me they could house in around 6,000 guests! Also, there were tons of activities you could indulge in.

You could enjoy the zip line for P150 and a go wall climbing for P50. But the interesting parts were the water slides. Mind you, the slide attractions were not open the whole day because they had operating schedules. Just check their time table to know but what I suggest is you head there early in the morning to get the best of everything.splash island111

We went to the Agos Grandes first which had mechanically generated waves in the pool and it was quite relaxing to feel the waves. Then we went to the Big Bam Boo. When you see it, you’ll know why it’s called the Big Bam Boo. Next in line was Balsa River where we drifted lazily around the soft flow of the water. After the Balsa River, we went to the Rio Montañosa where you’re hoisted up in an inflated floater and then left to feel the delight of being in a big slide and sliding your way to happiness. My favorite though was the Magellan’s Drop. It was just so fun to slide down a long, long slide. It felt like I was being dropped and it felt like it’d never end. I went again and again on the Magellan’s Drop until I could take no more.

Fees for Splash Island were not that expensive and there are lots of packages or promos you can always avail of. We got our our ticket for the price of 250 each from Ensogo. You can also their website the latest price rates.

Food is not a problem in Splash Island as they have a food court called Fiesta sa Pulo. There are also cottages and lockers where you can settle your things in. My verdict on the experience? FUN!

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