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The Fusion of Art and Food in Balaw Balaw Exotic Restaurant

balaw balawMy mom used to tell me that I will get in trouble someday for being an adventurer. That is definitely true because I really get in to trouble at a young age, but in the case of Balaw Balaw Exotic Restaurant, being an adventurer really do have its perks every once in a while. But there’s a twist to this restaurant, because it promises to give you the “Flavours of Art and the Art of Flavours”.

Balaw Balaw Exotic Restaurant or BBER for short is located in the “Arts Capital of the Philippines” which is Angono, Rizal. Angono is home to 2 national artists and many local artists. This is why it is the seat of arts in the Philippines. It is in the CALABARZON area which is easily accessible from Metro Manila. Like Cavite and Laguna, it’s just 2-3 hours drive from the Metro. Its current location is at #16 Doña Justa Street, Doña Subdivision, Angono, Rizal.

The first thing I noticed about this restaurant is its name, “Balaw-Balaw”. I’m a “Tagalog” but I really don’t know what it means. My curiosity lead me to asking one of the courteous waiter in the restaurant, and he told me that “Balaw Balaw” is like an appetizer and sauce that many Filipinos serve together with the much beloved “sinigang”. I love sinigang but I don’t know that there is a sauce that is paired with it. Another reason why I love this place is that it houses an Art Gallery where you can see around a hundred paintings of Perdigon Vocalan; one of the late great folk painters in Angono and also other art pieces of notable Filipino artists.

My most favorite part of this trip is; what else? FOODS. Besides, it’s an exotic restaurant. They have 12 kinds of “sinigang”, I’m only familiar with around 5 kinds J. They also serve dishes like “Ginataang Kuhol” which is edible snails that are cooked in coconut milk. They also serve “itik” which is a native duck, “sinabawang balut” which is a famous exotic food in the Philippines and their house specialty “Minaluto” which is like family-sized servings of different dishes. They also have a wide variety of dishes that will surely satisfy not only your stomach but also your curiosity to try exotic foods. All of these dishes are very affordable. The price range is only 200 – 1,500 pesos only.

I really recommend this restaurant if you want to kick back and relax while enjoying some exotic foods and arts all at the same time.

Google Map of Balaw Balaw Restarant and Art Gallery Angono, Rizal