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Island Hopping at Hundred Islands Pangasinan

hundred islands3A mystery still haunts me today since my childhood; is it true that there are 100 islands in The Hundred Islands? The best way to know about it is to go there and meet these islands face to face. So off we go to my next destination: The Hundred Islands.

Hundred Islands National Park is located at Alaminos City, Pangasinan. From Manila you can hop in a public bus that will take you directly to Alaminos. It is a 5-6 hour trip if you are on a bus. If you prefer to bring your own car, then you must be prepared for a long drive to reach it. I would recommend using public transport because it is cheap and you are not tired when you reach your destination. Besides, you cannot enjoy the whole experience in Hundred Islands if you are tired and deprived of sleep.

Once you get to Alaminos, you can take a tricycle or a private vehicle to go to your next stop which is Lucap Wharf. Do not worry; it’s just a 15-20 minute ride from the city. When you reach Lucap Wharf, there are many eager and able staffs of the National Park that can assist you in your tour. From here, the nearest islands would be the Monkey Island, Sulpot Island, Hernandez Island and Abad Santos Island. It’s just a 15-20 minute boat ride to reach these islands.

hundred islands2You can also visit the major islands of Quezon, Children’s and Governor’s islands which is a 25-45 minutes from the wharf. Overall, you must prepare a budget of at least 2-3 thousand pesos per person, and that includes fare for bus, tricycle, foods and boats.

It is interesting to know that many tourists from all over the world visit and appreciate the beauty of nature in Hundred Islands. You can camp at some selected islands and you can have a chance to meet many people on your tour to the Hundred Islands. The must-see islands for me are the Lopez, Marcos, Imelda, and Children’s. The staff of the National Park can help you plan your island hopping at this wonderful place.

It is a general rule in every island to “take nothing and leave nothing”. According to our tour guide, this is because previous visitors to these islands throw their trashes on the islands.

I really enjoyed my trip to Hundred Islands since I am a nature lover and appreciate good food, spectacular scenery, and warm hospitality that people and staffs from there are known for.

Regarding my mission of knowing the mystery that haunts me since my childhood days; I discovered that the answer reminds me of the infamous answer from Miss Philippines in the 1994 Miss Universe Pageant; high tide or low tide? As it turns out, Hundred Islands has 123 islands when high tide and 124 islands when low tide.

Google Map of Hundred Islands Alaminos, Pangasinan