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It’s more fun in Fun Ranch Pasig

Fun ranch pasig

Fun ranch pasig

 Being a parent is hard work. Especially when your kid is in his terrible 2’s which just seems to stem on to terrible 3’s 4’s 5’s and forever. My son is three years old and constantly acts like I feed him a sack of sugar at all his meals. As a parent, I know that if I need a break, the best way to do it is though distraction. My husband and I have gone to Fun Ranch in Pasig so many times; it’s great just to let him bounce off the walls there to burn all his energy. And while he is playing I am enjoying just sitting quietly for once. Fun Ranch is on the upper ground level, Building B, Frontera Drive corner Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City.

It costs 390 per child to go in to Fun Ranch and if you ask me, that price is worth it. It’s an entirely indoor facility so it’s completely safe, there are staffs inside to facilitate the kids or you could let your nanny in as well. It has rides and a lot of kiddie obstacle course looking things like tubes and stairs, monkey bars. And my sons favorite, the really high bumpy slides, much to his nanny’s dismay. He has fun and as far as he’s concerned ‘mama is such an angel for bringing me here’ but what he doesn’t know is my vast enjoyment of my quiet time just sitting on the sidelines.

Fun ranch pasig

Fun Ranch Pasig

After fun time or even during fun time since it is hard to get a kid to eat while he’s playing; Fun Ranch also has a few restaurants right there in the same facility. They probably had the parents in mind when they put those up. They have the Big Red Barn which is also fun for kids because of the restaurant theme; they mostly serve American classics like hamburgers and pizza. We mostly eat there after our son plays or while he plays. It’s better to hang out at a restaurant while your kid plays at Fun Ranch, kids won’t eat anyway so we go and its killing two birds with one stone because for once, food doesn’t get thrown in to the air, the floor and everywhere. They also have the Blue Whale restaurant in the facility which is a bit pricy if you’re going to come to Fun Ranch often. For a quicker meal, they have a Pizza Pedricos there. This is what we usually get for our son whom he just eats in the car on the way home. It’s nice to have something like that.

Fun Ranch is great for kids and adults too, though not in the way that sounds. It’s affordable, kids love it, and you’re a hero for bringing them there!