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Josephine’s Restaurant Eat All You Can: Tagaytay’s Best

josephine tagaytayThere are many restaurants that offer eat-all-you-can buffet but there’s something special in Josephine’s Restaurant Tagaytay. They’re not only known for their perfect wedding venue but I think they’re also got the best food in Tagaytay City. That is what I will show in this article.

First of all, its location is reason enough to visit Josephine’s Restaurant. It is located at KM 58, Gen. Aguinaldo Highway, Maharlika West, Tagaytay City. Some of the landmarks located near this restaurant are Summit Ridge Hotel and Robinson’s Supermarket. From Metro Manila, you can reach Tagaytay via Aguinaldo Highway in 1-2 hours; of course it will always depend on the traffic situation. And because it’s located at Tagaytay, you will have to bring your jacket and sweater because it’s gonna be a cold trip. But if you’re like me, I simply like the temperature here, it’s not that cold compared to Baguio.

The price for their eat-all-you-can buffet is very competitive. They only charge 410 pesos per person for their breakfast buffet and only 310 pesos for children less than 4 feet. They offer a myriad of delectable dishes that will surely satisfy the connoisseurs. I highly recommend that you go there to appreciate their dishes. And if you have no left over in your plate, you can get their 100 pesos discount, which means that you will only have to pay 310 pesos per person. They also have eat-all-you-can lunch buffet for only 495 pesos per person and 395 pesos for children below 4 feet. They also apply their clean plate discount in this lunch buffet.

My personal favorites are the shellfish and sea foods that are served fresh every day. They have fish fingers, rellenong bangus, grilled lapu-lapu, and many more; the choices seem endless. They also serve other dishes for their desserts, appetizers, salads, vegetables and many more; it’s actually very long if I will enumerate them one by one.

You have to try their Crispy Tawilis which is a kind of fish that is endemic to this place. Although it’s cooking method is rather simple, just fried until it gets crispy; it has a distinctive taste that you will even eat the head of the fish. Maybe it’s a psychological thing because you know that you can only enjoy it there, but the bottom line is that it tastes good.

If I will rate Josephine’s Restaurant Tagaytay in scale of 1 – 5, 5 being the highest, I would say it’s a 5. But this is a personal rating, it is always open for criticisms, but I suggest that you go there first before commenting on anything.

Google Map of Josephine’s Restaurant Tagaytay