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Kamay Kainan Eat All You Can – Just right for my taste

kamay kainan eat all you can

Kamay Kainan Market Market

When it comes to pleasing the stomach, there really isn’t a limit. As long as you enjoy and delight in what you eat, spending money would always make it worthwhile. This is definitely true although I’d also say that good food really shouldn’t always be expensive.

I like hanging out in Taguig when my weekends are free. It’s the perfect place to just chill and catch up with friends. Plus, it’s home to many shopping boutiques and restaurants making it a go-to place when you feel your wallets vibrating or your stomachs churning.

It’s actually kind of funny when you have long-time friends. There’s a part of the brain that just connects us with them and so most times our ideas would complement each others’ or even be the same. So on that ordinary Saturday, one of my friends suggested we eat at Kamay Kainan for lunch which was, unsurprisingly, the restaurant I also wanted to try with them.

We went to Market! Market!, got a table for 6 and when we were all settled, headed for the buffet bar.  There were over 50 Filipino dishes to choose from which got me thinking that maybe the buffet was expensive. I put the thought aside and continued picking food for the plate. We got big servings of different ‘putahes’ we like because we wanted to dine just like how we do at home. We had one full plate each of chicken curry, tahong, inihaw na baboy, kare-kare, oysters, calamares, sinigang na hipon and chopsuey. There were other dishes like fresh lumpia, kalderetang baka, inihaw na tilapia, binagoongan na baboy, breaded porkchop, nilagang baka and ginataang langka. Trust me, this isn’t even the end of the list but it’s all I can remember. One of my friends opted to have the garlic rice, three of us preferred the plain rice and the other two had fried rice.

kamay kainan 2

We were a group of 6 girls, all skinny and slim. If you’d been there watching us eat, you’d utterly be surprised by how much we feed our mouths as compared with the structures of our body. But who cares, right? Food is good!

Desserts were next. I got a small bowl of fruits while my other friends got mixtures of brownies, sweetened banana, gelatin and halo-halo. We were all fulfilled, I tell you.

We sat for some minutes just to take it all in and then we got the bill. We were all surprised and much more fulfilled when we found out that it only cost P289.16 per head and that the unlimited ice tea we had was only for P49.06 per head.

This is definitely an example of good food blended with a good price.

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