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Ling Nam Restaurant – awesome dining!

Ling Nam

Being half Chinese, my family and I can often get just a tiny bit critical and comparative when it comes to Chinese food. We’ve eaten at so many Chinese places before and often times the places that seem the most authentic are the priciest too. The only place so far that has on ok authenticity versus price range rate is Mandarin Tea Garden and I’ve eaten there so many times I can’t take it anymore. We needed something new so we tried the Ling Nam restaurant in Quezon City which is sort of similar in the way that it’s a budget Chinese restaurant. The question now was whether it was going to come to par with expectations or was it going to be another tasteless flop. It looked really nice on the outside. The whole restaurant looked like a sort of modern looking house. Inside it was really spacious, unlike Mandarin which is so famous and always filled to the brim with people. Ling Nam’s tables weren’t too close together either. It was also very bright, the lights weren’t dim and there was no tacky music playing in the background. Ling Nam was starting to be a nice change already. When we looked at the menu, we were so glad to see that it was so similar to what were used to. As with Chinese, were just so used to it we always order the same thing. They had our favorite bola-bola and asado siopao for starters. They also had congee and steamed dumplings.

Ling Nam Menu

Ling Nam Menu

What made them different from the others is that they have noodles but with a combination of choices that you can choose from so you get to pick what goes in it. I don’t really like noodles but my mom really appreciated this. The staffs here were very accommodating and friendly offering us water even if we didn’t ask for it. Prices of food on the Ling Nam menu are all below 150 pesos which makes it conducive students and people on a budget.

The Ling Nam restaurant is located at 26 Zorra Street, Barangay Daltok, San Francisco Del Monte, 1105 Quezon City. Ling Nam is a franchise and has other branches in Binondo, Shopwise Commonwealth Center. Congressional Avenue, Pasig and even in Cebu.

This restaurant was great. The food tasted good and it doesn’t leave a gaping hole in your pocket. It’s definitely on key when it comes to budgeting and the food quality doesn’t suffer, service quality doesn’t suffer either and the ambiance is so much better than other budget places. This is definitely our new Chinese Cuisine hang out and will definitely come back here with my cousins and some of my friends.