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Mall of Asia Eye Ferris Wheel – Heaven by the Bay

SM MOA EYEWith the exciting and highly advanced world we have, to be a kill joy is probably one of the most boring job. I mean, look around you. Tall shiny buildings, shopping escapades, lights that glitter at night – we are at the height of a beautiful modern age. And when I say height, I totally mean it in the literal sense.

You might have already heard about the Singapore Flyer or the London Eye. Both are very much exciting for people willing to partake in the adventure of a hi-tech world. Sadly, not everyone has the opportunity to pack their bags, book a ticket and bring along loads of money to these places just like that. So why don’t we take it somewhere local?

Just a few weeks back, I found myself walking towards the steps of the SM Mall of Asia Amusement Park, alongside the Seaside Bay and stopping in the best spot to inhale the glory of that huge Ferris wheel. Yes, the SM MOA Eye with its 36 gondolas. There was something about it that struck me as scary yet I knew I dared not be a kill joy. So with every look I got from a distance, I gathered up the courage to take a step further and finally say “1 ticket please”. They had a classy choice of a VIP gondola and a regular gondola which I thought were well priced at Php 250 and Php 150 for one full turn per person. The VIP gondola had leather seats and tinted windows while the regular gondola had clear windows. Both were ventilated with an air condition.

I had my regular ticket and finally boarded the gondola to be taken up, up and away. The anticipation to get to the peak actually started to build my nervousness deep inside. I didn’t realize the need for a companion only until that moment. But looking out at the windows, you see a big and spectacular view of the city skyline and your nerves just shut down. That experience alone took me somewhere simple yet somewhere totally breathtaking. It makes you forget the pollution, the busy hustle and the crowded city streets to enjoy a big picture of the works of man. Plus, the sunset in the bay made it just the perfect place to be in at that instant.

One full turn took about 9 to 10 minutes. I have to say, they were some of the best 10 minutes I had.

Rates: P150 Regular per person / P250 VIP

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  • Buboy

    I tried Mall of Asia Eye Ferris Wheel last month and I won’t do it again. P150 pesos per person for one round is just too pricey. I’d rather use that money for a dinner at Gilligan’s Island.