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Panglao Island Nature Resort: A Slice of Paradise

panglao island boholPanglao Island Nature Resort or PINR is the most luxurious beach resort that is found in the island of Panglao, Bohol. This resort proves that there are almost unlimited tourist destinations in the Philippines besides Boracay. Here you can enjoy beautiful white-sand beaches with clear turquoise waters in the middle of lush tropical landscapes.

This slice of paradise is located at Dauis, Panglao Island, Bohol. It is situated on an attractive beach front in Panglao Island. It is also near to some attractions in Bohol like Bingag Cave and Hinagdanan Cave. There are also hotel room accommodations which you can also try, and their infinity pool and manmade islet is truly spectacular, it’s just sad that I don’t have my camera ready when I went there. But if I had given the second chance to visit PINR again, the first thing that I would grab is my camera.

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The easiest way to get there is through airplane where you can get to Bohol for just 1 hour. From the airport, it’s just a 20-minute drive to get there. You can also ride a fast craft from Cebu City but it will take you 2 hours to get to Bohol. But whether you ride a plane or fast craft, the trip is worth it especially when you see the majestic mountain background of the resort. The rooms there are quite spacious and are affordable. Their price ranges from 9,000 pesos 25,000 pesos which depend on the season, either off-peak or peak season. These include service charge, taxes, and breakfast. They also have a minimum of 2 nights stay in their accommodations so you must plan your trip before you visit PINR.

I think what makes PINR stands out among other hotel and resorts there is their amenities. Every room in their hotel has private Jacuzzi, cable TV, minni-bar, telephone facilities, you name it, and they got it. Their MIT-Hi Spa is must try especially if it’s your first time to visit there. They also arrange tour packages like Loboc River Cruise, Hinagdana Cave tour, and Chocolate Hills tour. But if you’re an antique buff, you can explore their cultural treasures, famous Old Churches and antique shops.

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After the typhoon and earthquake that hit this area recently, I got news that they are trying their best to recover from these disasters that struck them. Let us do what we can to bring back their normal life there by visiting and helping their tourism and livelihood to flourish once more. I would definitely go visit Bohol again in the near future.

Google Map of Panglao Island Bohol