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Relieve your Stress at Ace Water Spa

ace water spaAce Water Spa is definitely one of the best experiences I ever had, although at first I was sceptic about trying some of their hydrotherapy and massages. Before going to any place, especially resorts and spas, I have a habit of searching the internet for reviews and guides about that particular place. Ace water spa hit the spot; I do not find any negative reviews about this place. And because of that I was convinced that this place is worth seeing.

I also read that they offer “hydrotherapy” massages which caught my attention because it’s a new term in my vocabulary. I said to myself, I have to experience that. What I like best about this place is that it’s just around the corner. They have a branch in Quezon City and Pasig City. I went to their Pasig branch which is located at United St., corner Brixton St., near Pioneer, Pasig City. It’s less than an hour drive within the metro.

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They boast of their hydrotherapy massage which uses “Ultrasonic Jet System”. This jet of water acts like fingers that massages your back as it flows down. I love this so much that I would recommend it for anyone who are stressed out in work and want to have a relaxing experience. I commend Ace Water Spa for combining water and massage in their therapy. I can’t explain it but there’s something in water that relieves pain and stress in the body. Thanks to my research, I found out that flowing water creates negative ions that helps the body heal itself and makes your mood happy.

I also liked their rates; they charge 550 pesos for adult and 250 pesos for children 4 feet below. But unlike traditional spas, you can enjoy their facilities for a full four (4) hours. That is a big plus for me since other spa therapies only last for 45-70 minutes per session. Just remember to not overdo their hydro massage because it can make your muscle sore and ache.

They also have what is called “Contrast Therapy Plunge” where you will dip in their hot herbal pool and then transfer to their cold pool. In their hot pool, your pores will open and release toxins in the body, while in their cold pool, your pores tightens and stimulates blood flow. It worked for me; I felt relaxed and rejuvenated after this therapy.

On a final note, I would definitely recommend Ace Water Spa for those who want to get away from the stresses and pollutions of the city.

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