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Sambo Kojin Japanese Food Eat All You Can!

Sambo Kojin

Sambo Kojin

As far as buffets go, variety and choices are always important. But what is variation when you stick to one cuisine because that’s your favorite? This is often the case for me. Whenever I see Japanese food, I come running and if all the tempura has mysteriously disappeared, that means it’s in my belly.

The Sambo Kojin Eat All You Can was no exception to my appetite when we went to their Mandaluyong branch in 201 EDSA, Metro Manila. Though the Sambo Kojin (meaning Fire Deity) is Japanese infused with Korean, I’m just a tiny bit biased.

It is an entirely Asian vibe from the second you walk in what with the walls painted red and all the Asian accents from the tables and chairs, even the buffet tables were very Oriental looking making the authenticity of the dining experience even better.

The sushi was calling my name even before we got to our table, when we were finally seated I absolutely could not wait to get started. When I got to the stations I was more than happy to see they had all my favorites: tamago (sweet egg sashimi), tekka maki (tuna sushi), and spicy tuna rolls. The also had an assortment of other different Japanese and Korean appetizers as well as soup and salad surely fit for anyone’s liking.

This restaurant had a hotpot too and marinated beef and bulgogi, so we got a few of those and a LOT of tempura. We cooked the marinated beef (yakiniku) first; it tasted as good as expected. Really tender and tasty. The waiters were constantly refilling the food trays so we never had to worry about going for another round only to find an empty tray. I know there are some buffet places out there that just can’t cope with refilling.  But Sambo Kojin had very good service.

As usual, they had a dessert station with all the classics from ice cream to cake. They had crème brule which I love and they did it just too perfect, not too sweet.

For a place where I could eat my fill of my favorite cuisine ever, prices were definitely ok. Sambo Kojin charges 589 for lunch, and 669 for dinner on weekdays. 699 for either dinner or lunch during weekends. And 330 for kids 4-4.6ft. And free for kids below 3ft. Sambo Kojin also has branches in Eastowood, Libis, and Quezon City.

I am definitely coming back here soon. I know Japanese cuisine can be quite pricy so usually with some Japanese buffets, quality suffers for the sake of a more economical price. But with Sambo Kojin, the price wasn’t too bad. It’s not cheap but it’s not expensive either and the food quality is undeniable worth every cent!