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Star City Pasay: A Fun City

Star City1If it’s fun family entertainment you want then that is what you will get in Star City. It is the pioneer amusement park plus shopping center in the country which makes it ideal for the whole family to enjoy.

I went there a couple of weeks ago together with my kids and I am amazed on how it has transformed into a world class leisure park today. The first thing that I like the most about it is that its location is very accessible, and the kiddie rides are all indoor rides. That is a big “thumbs up” for the management of Star City because it makes me feel safer when my kids are enjoying the rides under a roof, protected from the pollution and the elements outside, especially when it is rainy season.

Star City2Star City is located in Sotto St.  CCP Complex Roxas Blvd., Pasay City Manila and it is very easy to see because of the tower that seems to be telling you to come there. The entrance fee is only 65 pesos and the RAYC (Ride All You Can) ticket is only 365 pesos. You have the option to add 75 pesos in the RAYC making it 365 pesos but if you are already inside, it’s 100 pesos for you to experience my personal favorite; The Snow World . Maybe you are thinking why it is my personal favorite, well, because there are no snows in the Philippines, as simple as that. But kidding aside, I like Snow World because your kids can enjoy it and even adults can enjoy it also. And yes, there is a Snow Man there also where you can take pictures beside it. Although some of the rides in Star City are a bit old, since it is operating more than a decade ago, I think that it is still doing its job, and that is to entertain kids, and that is the most important thing.

A final piece of advice though, it is ideal to come to Star City on off-peak season. The peak season is when it is vacation time for kids. I say this because sometimes it tends to be a bit noisy inside especially if there are many people all in one place, and also because of the screams from the indoor roller coaster ride. There are also some rules for kids before they can get into some rides. If I remember it right, the minimum height requirement for some rides are 4 feet, so before you buy any of those RAYC tickets for your kids be sure that they are 4 feet and above for them to be able to enjoy it to the max.

Rates as of February 2014:

  • P65 Entrance Fee Only
  • P365 Ride All you Can

Google Map of Star City, Sotto St. Pasay City

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