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It’s more fun in Fun Ranch Pasig

 Being a parent is hard work. Especially when your kid is in his terrible 2’s which just seems to stem on to terrible 3’s 4’s 5’s and forever. My son is three years old and constantly acts like I feed him a sack of sugar at all his meals. As a parent, I know that if I need a break, ... Read More »

Ling Nam Restaurant – awesome dining!

Being half Chinese, my family and I can often get just a tiny bit critical and comparative when it comes to Chinese food. We’ve eaten at so many Chinese places before and often times the places that seem the most authentic are the priciest too. The only place so far that has on ok authenticity versus price range rate is ... Read More »

Ark Avilon Zoo Pasig – Surprisingly Amazing!

If you’re in Metro Manila and are looking for something to do other than mixing with all the suburban locals, then why not try a trip to the Ark Avilon Zoo? Surprisingly, this is a full on, real zoo 7.5 hectare large and located right in the middle of the Metropolitan, in Pasig. You wouldn’t think Manila could have anything ... Read More »

Relieve your Stress at Ace Water Spa

Ace Water Spa is definitely one of the best experiences I ever had, although at first I was sceptic about trying some of their hydrotherapy and massages. Before going to any place, especially resorts and spas, I have a habit of searching the internet for reviews and guides about that particular place. Ace water spa hit the spot; I do ... Read More »

One Oasis Ortigas: An Oasis In the Heart of the City

Living in the city can be such a thrilling experience. One can only imagine what it would be like to be thrust into the hub of entertainment, culinary specialties, the busy hustle of work and the wild night life. But no rest and all play can make our city adventures quite straining. I mean, don’t we all need some moment ... Read More »