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Truly an Enchanted Kingdom

EK1Hailed as the only world class themed park of the Philippines, Enchanted Kingdom located in Santa Rosa, Laguna, is a place where you can run free and enjoy rides and spectacles. It is sectioned into 7 park zones and there are 19 rides that could either send you flying to great amounts of adrenaline rush or send you kicking with excitement.

I was back in this magical place with a few friends not too long ago. Adventurous as we were, we took a public van from Star Mall at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Some parts of the road were already in some light traffic and it took some time to get there but nevertheless, we got there just fine. Whew.

When we got there, we queued for the ticket. EK actually has different prices for tickets. They also have their promotional packages which you may check out in their website.

Enchanted Kingdom Rates as of February 2014

enchanted kingdom rates

 Laguna residents are also entitled for a discounts. You just need to bring your ID (school ID, Voters ID etc..) , the proof that you’re a resident of Laguna.

During peak seasons, it can take some time to queue but the excitement makes it all worthwhile to wait patiently. When we got in the theme park, we immediately took out our cameras and started taking shots here and there. I mean, what could you not love about EK? Their gate fronts already made it a fantasy!

EK2I sat out on the first ride which was the Extreme Tower Ride. But my friends totally had fun being dropped from above. Then we headed to Anchor’s Away. Next up was the Ferris wheel. I quite enjoyed the ride actually. From above, you could see the beautiful view of the Laguna de Bay and of course, looking down made you see the entire theme park.

My friends enjoyed more rides than I did as I have to admit I am not really an adrenaline rush junkie. We went to the 4D Discovery Theatre, they rode the Space Shuttle and then we went to the Rio Grande Rapids which was my favorite. Just some words of advice, do not bring any belongings while in the ride or the fun of getting wet when hurled through the trail vanishes. But wet belongings or not, it is a ride not to be missed. The flying fiesta was next in line. We sat on the swing chairs, buckled the belts and went round and round in midair.

After all the rides, we eventually had to retire over some pizza and spaghetti. Our night ended with the sounds of fireworks and sparkling lights in the sky. Truly, I would want to go back to such enchantment.

Google Map of Enchanted Kingdom

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