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Villa Escudero Resort: A Hidden Paradise in Laguna – Quezon

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  Combining fun and relaxation is one of the best things about Villa Escudero. There are many local and foreign tourists that come here all year round because of fun activities that they offer. It would take you around 2 – 3 hours from Metro Manila to reach Villa Escudero. It is located at the border of Tiaong, Quezon and San Pablo, Laguna. Since I was visiting my relatives in Laguna back then, I took the liberty of going there with my family.

Before I went there, I have heard many things about Villa Escudero. When I went there, I have proven that all the things that I heard and I read in the internet was true indeed. It’s the best place to relax your body and mind. This place is also a working coconut plantation where you can experience firsthand how they cultivate their farms. You can always ask the farmers for a freshly picked coconut to quench your thirst.

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They offer tour packages that includes 1,105 pesos fee for adults and 550 pesos for children below 4 feet. They have different rates when weekends and holidays; they charge adults 1,250 pesos and 625 pesos for children below 4 feet. Do remember that their rates are subject to change without prior notice.

For me, I am amazed on how they promote the cultural heritage of our country. Especially in their museums, I must admit, Villa Escudero’s AERA museum is one, if not the best museums I have ever seen. They even have a replica of a Church in Intramuros that is long gone. Most of the displays in the museum dates back to colonial times and some rare collections of the Escuderos.

villa escudero2They also have a rural area which you can reach by renting a bicycle to go around it. This area is also where the staffs and other employees live. I also loved the foods that they offer here. They have a wide variety of dishes but my favorite, of course, are native Filipino dishes. But before you reach the place where you can eat your lunch, which is the Waterfalls, you will have to ride the carabao cart first. I’m a little bit nervous about the idea of riding a carabao cart because it’s my first time to do that, but after a couple of minutes, I eventually get the hang of it and actually loved it.

Eating besides a waterfall is a great experience, it makes you relax and at the same time enjoy your meal. I definitely recommend going to Villa Escudero Plantation and Resort if you have the time.

Google Map of Villa Escudero Resort