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Wensha Spa Timog : No Other Spa But Wensha

websha spa For all the spa lovers and those who like to refresh themselves after long days of work, Wensha Spa is definitely not a stranger. With their main branch located at Timog Avenue in Quezon City, this spa is actually one of my favorite go-to when I’m in some physical or mental meltdown.

Going to the spa is actually not a part of my routine all because I am a very practical person and I am always looking for other things that will get me moving rather than going to some spa and living in luxury and time.

I think it was around this time last year that my mom first took me to Wensha. She said her friend recommended it to her and she wanted me to also try what Wensha had to offer. We all know the trick here. The idea was to bring me so someone could be with her. I gave in to her request nevertheless and so we headed straight to Quezon City.

Wensha looked different from all the modern spa establishments we have in the city. It reflected a somewhat Chinese-feel from its exterior. When we got in, you could feel the warmth and relaxation they tried to give to their customers.

wenshaMy mom does not really like having a body massage and I on the other hand do not really like to have my nails painted so we availed two different services. I had a full body massage for P780 and mom wanted a foot spa (P680) and mani and pedi (P180 for each).

The body massage felt really good and it somehow eased my stressed muscles. My favorite part was when my head was being massaged. Maybe my brain was just really too stressed that’s why it felt way better after a few presses and strokes. Mom’s hands and feet looked pretty clean and dazzling with her painted nails. I asked her if it hurt while the employee was cleaning her nails and she said the girl did a rather good job. The employee’s hands were light and she was careful not to create any cuts around the nails.

I know the price might be somehow high but then they render a good service which will give you a run for your money. I also heard you could stay there for 8 hours and enjoy free shabu-shabu, free use of the steam, dry sauna, Jacuzzi and the cold whirlpool.

In Wensha, you can totally forget the busy city life, let go and indulge in all the comfort they offer.

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