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Get Groovin’ in Picnic Grove Tagaytay

tagaytay picnic groveOne of the most scenic places in the Philippines is Tagaytay. Here you will find the Picnic Grove that many people regard as the place to be when you want to have a great experience. Here you can do many activities that you will surely enjoy. Below are some of the things to get you groovin’ in Picnic Grove Tagaytay or PGT.

1. Sightseeing. They have a very good view of the smallest volcano in the world; Taal Volcano. But actually, the small crater that you see is just a small part of the whole volcano. The lake itself is a part of Taal volcano and it is classified as one of the most active volcano in the Philippines. To go to PGT, you can drive for 2-3 hours from Metro Manila. If you prefer to ride a bus, you can find many buses bound for Tagaytay in the Coastal Mall Integrated Bus Terminal.

2. Zip line to the volcano. Just recently PGT added a zip line ride for their visitors to enjoy the view of Taal and at the same time experience the thrill of zip line. Picnic Grove Tagaytay is a very budget friendly place because the entrance fee is only 50 pesos per person and they also charge 30 – 100 pesos for parking fee depending on the type of vehicle. Their price is very reasonable considering the amount of money it takes to maintain the place and the facilities there. But if zip line is not your kind of thing, then you can ride their cable cars which are much slower compared to zip line. For just 200-300 pesos, you can enjoy a two-way ride in zip line and cable car.

3. Since it is called Picnic Grove, one of the best activities that you can do here is have a picnic. Their grassy area offers the perfect place to do picnicking. There are also many trees that provide shade for visitors. They also have covered tables that you can rent for your picnics for just 15-20 pesos.

picnic grove tagaytay4. My personal favorite is horseback riding. You can ride a horse for 1 hour for just 200 pesos. This is one of the main attractions in this place. They also remind foreign tourists, especially Europeans that their horses are relatively smaller compared to horses found in Europe.

5. And after your fun and thrilling activities in PGT, the last thing that you must do to complete your visit at PGT is to buy “pasalubongs” for your friends and loved ones. They sell souvenirs, sweets, and other pasalubongs inside the premises of PGT.

Google Map of Picnic Grove Tagaytay